Are You Wasting Your Ads Budget On Invalid Clicks?

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Upwards of 20% of global ad spend is wasted on invalid or fraudulent clicks, but not all accounts are affected equally. 

That's why we're offering our free traffic audit, to give you the transparency you can't get from Google, and offer some advice on what you can do to reduce the impact. 

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Why Perform A Traffic Audit?

Whether your business is big or small, invalid traffic doesn't differentiate. Without PPC protection in place, your budget is being eaten by bots, scrapers, competitors, click farms, inadvertent clicks, and other sources who are not actually interested in your products or services. 

Don't be fooled into thinking Google detects invalid clicks on your behalf - they don't. 
Search engines make money whether clicks are legitimate or not. It's your data, leads, and business that are being compromised, and it's down to you to protect them.

Are you 100% confident your ads aren't being targeting? Here's how to know for sure and take control.

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Automated Monitoring and Protection

Our Traffic Audit has been designed to quickly show you the quality of your PPC traffic. 

Find out where your clicks are coming from in just 2 minutes - no scripts required!

In 3 easy steps, you can link your Google Ads account to our 100% secure, AI-driven software and gain insight into exactly what type of traffic is targeting your ads.

Don't worry, no changes will be made to your campaign at this stage - it's all monitoring only.

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See Any Illegitimate Ad Traffic In Real Time

Our fully automated system identifies invalid clicks in under 0.12 seconds, offering you complete protection without having to lift a finger so no latency to your clicks.

We divide traffic into three categories:

• Invalid
• Suspicious 
• Valid

If your audit shows suspicious behaviour, we can instantly switch to Protect Mode and all invalid clicks will simply not see your Ads in the future.

Who We've Helped

“So far PPC Protect has identified 5.7% invalid and suspicious traffic which saves us around £1,500 per month. These are great stats to show our clients and when pitching for new accounts.”

Lauren May Kelley
Head of PPC - DMT

“For one client, Google was saying we had £50 of illegitimate clicks per month. It was actually over £500 a month. So in just three months we saved £1,500 with PPC Protect.”

Dale Powell
Managing Director - Atomic Marketing

Cleaner Data, Better Results

A huge benefit of using click fraud technology is that it provides you with clean data to work from. Safe in the knowledge that your data isn't skewed by bad traffic, you can:

• Generate more leads
• Improve conversion rates
• Reduce CPAs
• Safely scale campaigns
• Make better-informed decisions

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* Minimum  $30k monthly ad spend