We surveyed 1,121 digital marketers to analyze the digital marketing salary landscape. The results were surprising, to say the least.

Compare your position to your industry peers and see if you're being paid what you deserve, as well as other eye-opening trends.

Marketers - are you being paid what you deserve?

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The gender pay gap in digital marketing sits at a massive 20% as of 2021.

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Hint: Did you know the gender pay gap in Digital Marketing sits at a massive 20%?

What did 2021's survey find?

PPC marketers are making less, on average, than their digital marketing colleagues who work in SEO.

Almost 50% of digital marketers feel that they are underpaid for their role.

Marketers with a degree education are making LESS than those who left education after high school.

Our Survey Data

Wondering how we collected the data for our survey? Well we're happy to share!

  • 1,121 respondents
  • 48 different countries
  • 810 companies
  • 50+ different job titles

Some key takeaways from the 2021 Digital Marketing Salary Survey