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Display network campaigns can be extremely powerful, but they're also plagued by poor quality & junk traffic metrics. That's why we're releasing our ultimate list of 60,000+ display placement exclusions to supercharge your display campaigns.

The list contains:

• 30,000+ website exclusions for sites with a higher than average rate of     junk/invalid traffic

• 30,000+ mobile app exclusions for low quality, junk & fraudulent apps

• 7,000+ low quality or poorly converting YouTube channels, covering 3,000,000+ videos and over 3 trillion ad impressions

• Regular monthly updates with the latest data direct from PPC Protect's detection systems

PPC Protect is one of my favourite tools in my stack right now.

It works flawlessly out the box and has resulted in significant cost savings for our campaigns.

Jacky Chou - PPC Consultant at Yando

30,000+ Placements

Discover over 30,000 website placements on the Google Display network that have a higher than average rate of invalid traffic.

Mobile apps are known for poor quality and junk traffic when it comes to display campaigns. Exclude the 20,000 worst offenders from our list.

20,000+ Mobile Apps

Over 3,000,000 videos across 7,000+ channels, covering over 3 TRILLION ad impressions, all with easily filterable data.

3,000,000+ YouTube Videos

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